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Willy Bietak Productions has been producing the world’s greatest ice skating spectaculars for 30 years.

We conceive, mount and package high-quality family entertainment productions, as well as our other live stage shows, character appearances and corporate special events.

Our talented, experienced management and production team works with award-winning designers, directors, choreographers and musical arrangers on our memorable creations.

We employ the most talented performers in the world. The supportive use of state-of-the-art special effects and amazing lighting adds even more wonder to our spectacular productions.

All our productions are designed to be performed worldwide. Our clients include theme parks, casinos, cruise lines and corporate events. Our shows range in size from intimate theater to the largest arena, and can be custom-built to your budget and venue needs. We’ll also work with your staff in a co-productions arrangement.

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 About Our Productions

Broadway on Ice

A show that was designed for Theater audiences featuring a strong cast of skaters joined by Olympic skating stars and Broadway singers. Broadway on Ice blends the thrill of musical theatre with the artistry of figure skating, bringing you unforgettable interpretations of Broadway’s timeless classics and contemporary jewels by masters of song and ice. The show is frequently presented in the intimate environment of the theatre but can be staged in arenas as well. Your audiences will fall in love with Broadway on Ice.

  Opera Festival on Ice®

Opera Festival on Ice® combines the incredible artistry of first-class opera singers with the virtuosity of world class ice skaters. The show includes multi-media effects coming together to present its audience with an ethereal experience like no other…

Dancing on Ice

Not to be confused with the British TV series bearing the same name, Dancing on Ice is a show designed for the intimate theater setting. Taking the audiences through a great variety of dance styles, Dancing on Ice is Hot, is Cool, is Drama, is Passion, is Classic, and is Glamour. If you like Dancing you will love Dancing on Ice; it’s Spectacular!

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About Bietak Productions
Created by nine-time Austrian pair champion and two-time Olympian Willy Bietak, we are a full-service worldwide company specializing in high quality live entertainment, ice skating shows, state-of-the-art portable ice skating rinks, industrial shows, specialty acts and costumed characters.